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Our history

Welcome to the website of the Coro Città di Milano, a non-profit cultural association founded in Milan in 1957.

We are a four-voice mixed polyphonic choir made up exclusively of amateurs.

Born on the initiative of a group of popular music enthusiasts, over the years the choir has changed its physiognomy to become what it is today: an ensemble of around forty people who has refined and expanded its repertoire and which today, under the directed by Maestro Gianmario Cavallaro, it ranges across the scope of classical music, both sacred and profane, with forays into opera and contemporary music. The goal: to bring classical music to the widest possible audience by making them participate in our pleasure of giving body and soul to our voice, aware of the fact that music and choral singing in particular are the most effective vehicle for bringing people together , to whatever culture or social reality they belong to

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